25 August 2010

I suck, again. :)

Is anybody out there? Hellooooooooo?

Sorry, I've been really busy and therefore had not been crafting until recently! I stumbled upon this awesome yarn at wal-mart/hobby lobby. Its lionbrand "hometown" usa yarn and it is huge and chunky and awesome!

I can whip up hats in no time! Right now I'm making a cowl out of the lovely orange. I actually got it on closeout at Wally World because they discontinued some of the colors (NO IDEA why)

Anyway, here are some pictures of what I've done with it:

My standard newsboy:

Chunky Newsboy Hat for Toddlers and Adults

Simple Beanies:

Chunky Simple Beanies For Toddlers Children and Adults

The yarn is wonderful to work with, and the colors are so bright and cute! I really would like to go nuts and buy up all the colors, but I'm currently in destashing mode.

Coming soon, a ripple hat pattern that will be available soon! The hat will also be featured in my Etsy shop. I've been cooking up a storm lately, so maybe I will throw some of that in soon as well as some of the things I"ve whipped up with my NEW sewing machine (from craigslist :))


herownsociety said...

Hi, I found your blog on Etsy. I recently discovered this yarn too, I LOVE it. I cant wait to make some winter hats for my shop with it.

Bre said...

It is to die for. I wish there were more colors, or that they would do some colorways, that would be cool!

herownsociety said...

My first project was a mat for my puppy, I am posting a picture soon.