31 December 2009

My New Year's Resolutions!

So 2009 is already over! This time last year I was in a hospital in Nebraska with my son who was on oxygen. He was incredibly sick and we were not at home, so we had to go to an unknown hospital the day after Christmas and were there for a week! In my eyes, this New Year's Eve is already better, even if I am spending it alone. My husband is working long hours all week, which is hard, but not out of the norm. We both work so hard for so very little. This leads me to my New Year's Resolutions!

1. Blog Better!

2. Continue working towards being debt free. This is one I actually enjoy. I enjoy piling my money up on my car debt or on my husband's student loans to watch the balances melt away. We are doing something similar to Dave Ramsey's snowballing, and it works pretty well for us. Hopefully I can achieve this goal, as we don't have much debt--luckily.

3. Get my master's degree! I'm hoping to fulfill this one in May!

4. Lose 20 lbs--This will probably be the most difficult. My family is comprised of amazing cooks, and its hard to pass up. I'm going to try to focus on portion control and eating less junk food. Eventually I will give up my daily pop--but I'm not ready for that yet.

5. Double my Etsy shop listings--This will probably happen over the summer. I will work on new projects for my Etsy listings. That is what I did last summer, so hopefully I can repeat and have even more sales!!

6. Finish my scrapghan--I don't know if I've told you this, yet, but I have the world's ugliest afghan in progress. It is made up of all of my leftover yarns from over the years. I do it by holding three strands from three skeins together and double crocheting back and forth over and over. I have also added in squares that once had a purpose. Its quite the piece, and I'm pretty much in love with how ugly it is. I will take pictures soon.

7. Write a pattern

8. BE A BETTER BLOGGER!--I need to get better at this business and really think of some neat things to do. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

What are your resolutions? Any words of advice on what I have posted for my resolutions?

22 December 2009

Again, I'm being a bad blogger

I totally haven't been blogging lately, but to tell you the truth--I haven't been crocheting!

I have been busy teaching and wrapping up my semester and holiday preparation its just been crazy! I made these peppermint meringues today, and they are sooo yummy. I highly recommend them. If you've never made meringue before, you know when your meringue has reached the "stiff peaks" phase when you can turn the bowl over your head (dangerous!! :)) and the meringue doesn't move. Old trick my grandma taught me.

I have had a couple orders this week for an adult chocolate beanie in navy and for another dragon! I also sold a kitty kat ears hat. Its nice to be able to crochet without any stress from school. Well...not too much stress. I am having to work on thesis stuff a bit.

I'm also reading some fiction for the first time in a long time. We went to the library and I got Love in the Time of Cholera--a book I read parts of it in Spanish. I also got Slaughterhouse Five and The Scarlet Letter. Two books that I have wanted to finish for a long time. I have a bad habit of starting books and running out of time to read them!

I hope everyone's holidays are going well, and my New Year's resolution is to be a better blogger!