08 February 2010

I did it! And success!

I knitted a whole sock. It is red. I used this pattern: http://mary4169.tripod.com/Easy_Worsted_Socks.pdf

Now, I am told that knitting socks is difficult and not for beginners, and it was difficult, but not anything I couldn't handle. I don't know if I should attribute this to my ability to read crocheting patterns and experience with other fiber arts, or if it genuinely is easy for everyone starting out knitting. Maybe you, my readers, can let me know! I still have to knit the other one...but I'm running out of red yarn--so I think I will make it half red/half navy blue to match my Kansas University! Rock Chalk!  Matching socks is not a priority in my life anyway.

I used to really hate knitting and couldn't relax while doing it, but here I am and I obsessively knitted on this sock until is was done and I actually enjoyed it! The only bad thing about making socks is----making the other one to match. By "match" I mean be the same size. If matching color isn't my priority, matching size probably should be, right?  Let me know about your sock experiences. I'm also looking for recommendations on types of sock yarn! We dont' make socks much in crocheting, so this whole sock yarn thing is a new experience and I am once again a virgin to the ways of the yarn!

Thanks for reading!

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