17 January 2010

Fiber arts on the big screen and small screen

I want to do a little series once a week or so on knitting and crocheting (and other fiber arts) in film and tv. I always chuckle when I see it because some actresses really ARE knitting or crocheting and that really makes me smile. Then others are doing a weird imitation.....and its HILARIOUS.

I want to start with I <3 Huckabee's Lily Tomlin really is knitting in this movie:

Here is the trailer, if you haven't seen the movie (I highly recommend it if you like silly artsy movies with Jason Schwartzman!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-t2s0IlVm8

I can't seem to locate a ready made picture of Lily Tomlin actually doing the knitting, and for that I am sorry :( booo. However, see for yourself and let me know if you think she's the real deal!


Pat said...

I have just found you through Link Love - its a lovely blog you have!

Bre said...

Thanks so much! Its nice to see that someone is reading me! I sometimes feel like I'm blogging to myself, which is fine, but sometimes I ask for feedback and would like that!