23 November 2010

Wrapping the semester and wrapping up goodies!

I gave my last presentation for a research class last night, which went well. I'm working on the last edits of my thesis and would love to be able to defend in the next couple of weeks, but I dont' know if my committee will have time. Maybe in January!  Then I'll be on the road to my second master's degree in Speech Language Pathology. Then the reeeal world. The scary real world.

Anyway, what have I been crocheting and knitting lately?  How about a visual representation :)

Bears are too cute :) Earflaps just make it better.

 I want to talk in detail about this one. It is made out of a yarn called "bamboospun" that you can get at hobby lobby. This color is "pink camo" and it is SO amazingly soft. Like ridiculously soft. I want to knit everything in bamboo from here on out. And how about the appliqué? I'm thinking of adding some items like this to the shop, and I've been toying with it for a while because it is super cute and I love the mix of materials and methods.

Finally, these gloves. Theeeese gloves. I'm not sure if I've talked about it before, but I'm not the best knitter. I only recently got into it (like the past year or so) and seriously...it is hard to wrap my crocheting brain around. So for me to successfully knit a pair of gloves is HUGE! The cupcake is part knitted and part crocheted. I want to experiment some more with fusion fiber arts and this was great practice.

That's what I've been up to. School is on until the week of December 15th or so.  Hey! If you're a reader, how about a comment? I never know who is reading or if anyone reads :) Give me a comment and let me know if you are a fiber artist, what you do, you can link to your blog or shop or facebook fan page. Are you going black friday shopping? I am and it is my first time going "for real" so I'm kind of excited!


Caroline said...

I MUST have those gloves!!! Love them!


Joan said...

can we buy gloves like that? it would be PERFECT for someone n my list!

PoetessWug said...

Hi! Yes I am a reader, and yes I do crochet and knit! And I do have a blog --> http://poetesswug-thewugsbackyardblogspot.blogspot.com/ Come by and say hi! :-) By the way, I also have an etsy shop--> www.wuglyees.etsy.com Like you, I like working with different mediums, but I haven't knitted anything in a very long time. It may be time, because those cupcake mittens are TOO CUTE!! :-) Good job!! I think your knitting is great!

Bre said...

Hi all! Nice to meet you, and I'm popping in to your blogs :)

Also, about the gloves. Ask and you shall receive! Just know that my normal turn around time is usually 2-3 days, but this will be longer as I am a slow knitter :)


Also, they're wool! So that means hand wash cold.