06 November 2010

The big sale was great! staying on task

This week I did a giveaway on my shop for reaching 100 fans on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/bowrene

In addition to that, I ran a 15% off sale that was so great. The orders came pouring in, and I'm so thankful. You have no idea how much this has helped me out. I got to create new designs that I will be adding to the shop soon, and the money I earned will go to our Christmas budget. As some of you may know, I am a graduate student and am currently finishing up my thesis and am teaching an intro course for money. If any of you have had a GTAship before...you know they don't pay much :)  That's why I'm so very thankful for all my facebook support and readers here on the blog.

You may wonder how I balance everything. I will tell you that I have been working on an empirical research study since 2009 and am just finishing up the writing of the stats and the overall analyses of the huge amount of data I collected. It is well over 60 pages at this point and I'm hoping I'm in the final stages of editing so that I can defend this sucker and be done with it! See what happened there? I got off task. That tends to happen when I'm writing. Again...you may wonder how I balance a two-year old, a busy etsy shop and teaching and being a student. This is the secret: http://tomatoi.st  This is a timer for the pomodoro method. What it is is a method where you work for 25 minutes; this is called a "pomodoro". When the timer dings, you must stop, start a "short break" and go do something else--usually I fill my water or tea and bum around on facebook. The timer dings again and you start another pomodoro. You repeat this another couple of times and then you get a long break for 15 minutes. This helps me stay on task and work without distractions but also without getting burned out and frustrated. I mark my pomodoros on a sticky note attached to my monitor and it really helps to watch them build up! I'm obsessed.

Crocheting and knitting--I never have trouble staying on task. I pop in a wonderful Korean drama (http://viikii.net if you're interested) and watch and crochet or knit forever and ever. Crocheting and knitting really are my two passions. I love doing it and am so glad that I get to share what I've made with everyone. Thanks again to all of you.

P.S. The drama I'm currently watching is "Playful Kiss" I want to strangle the main characters, which seems to be a common feeling when I watch Korean dramas, but then I get this weird attachment where I'm happy that they finally end up together :) It also helps improve my Korean. I took 2 classes over the summer and now meet weekly with my Korean teacher for independent lessons. Its a good break from all of my other studies.

Here is what's coming soon to the shop (there's more, but my camera is being a stinker)!

I made a lightbox ^  

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