15 October 2010

What on earth have I been doing?

welllll here are some photos to show you!
This is a hat I made for my niece, its a cupcake with a cherry on top!
This is  a looovely Jack Skellington hat I made for an awesome little boy
Theeeese are matching mother and daughter hats. I'm planning on starting up a little line within my etsy shop called "just between us girls" that features matching mother and daughter hats. I love these, they are ribbed and super stretchy. I also am a huge fan of black/pink as a color combo.
Who doesn't love foofa?
and where there's foofa there must be a broooobee! brobee rocks! These horns were removable! The one in my shop I think will be sewn on, though. The horns on this one have buttons on the bottom that button anywhere into the double crocheted hat. I'm thinking of writing up my simple beanie pattern. Its tried and true and I need to share it with the world.

Let me know what you think of all my projects! I'm trying to get 100 fans on my facebook page and then I"ll do a giveaway of a free newsboy! http://facebook.com/bowrene

I'm more active on there than on here, but I swear I'm not annoying. Sometimes I fan things and then the admins are posting asinine information that is not even relevant to the product. You won't get that from me. 

I'm interested in expanding my products in shop. What kind of hat do you want? I'm thinking some saggy berets for adults. What do you think?

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