02 June 2009


Thanks for stopping by! I'm really excited about this blog. I decided that I want to discuss the home arts by means of a blog, because while there are many of us, we are often scattered. Just when we think these arts are dying, we go out to etsy and craftster and ravelry, etc. and realize crafting is not dead at all. In fact, crocheting and knitting have gotten new life from the creative and resourceful minds of today! Amigurumi crochet is something my great-grandmother would have loved, if she were still alive today. She made the most beautiful afghans, pillows and clothing. Another exciting update for the textile art world is upcycling! I hope to add my tutorial for making plarn (plastic grocery bag yarn) and yarn from old t-shirts. Stay tuned, I will post some pics of my latest projects. Feel free to comment if you have anything you'd like to discuss, or any ideas for me!

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Zu said...

Oh, you're really really new!! Welcome to blogging! :-)