04 June 2009

Adventures in Upcycling

So, this morning I made a beanie for my etsy shop. I'm trying to get more adult items in there. I love making baby stuff, and its quick and easy. The adult stuff, I'm finding, is fun as well, I just have to think "what kind of stuff would I want to buy?"

Last night, I cut a bunch of old t-shirts up to make yarn for dish cloths. I have made 2 of 3 that I am going to make. Its really fun and quick! The cutting takes a while, but it is well worth the effort when it comes to crocheting. I love the chunky texture of the thick cotton and it is super fast. I will post pics when I upload them this afternoon! Here are the dishcloths!

To cut the t-shirts up, all you have to do is cut from one side and continue around and around the t-shirt until you reach the sleeves. On one of the tees, I continued up into the shoulder just looping around the front of the shirt, but that seemed to be a waste for an extra foot or two. I am not the most precise, and my scissors were kind of dull, but the yarn actually becomes more interesting with varying weight throughout!

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Scottish Twins said...

This is such an amazing idea - using Tshirts. I had never thought to do this before!

Thanks :)