12 July 2012

Tyrannosaurus and Volga Viking Hat/Beard

I've had the tyrannosaurus pattern for a long time, but it was one of the first patterns I wrote and it was not as clear and organized (and pretty ^_^) as my patterns now. SO I revamped it! Check out the new pictures that includes the new picot stitch option for the spine.

So fun! I love making these little guys and my kids love them. You can get your hands on the new pattern on Etsy here or on Ravelry here. The pattern is being tested as well so any kinks will be thoroughly worked out!

Another upcoming pattern and hat for the shop is this:

The picture is of the ever-elusive Mr. Bowrene and the hat is the Volga Viking Hat!  The pattern is being tested by 5 wonderful geniuses and it will be ready within a week or so.  Once that is all done, the hat is being shipped to my baby brother. He has promised me that it will live a good life with him :)

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