02 April 2011

Bahhhhhh Bahhhh

So the funnest thing I've done lately?  Taking a spinning class at the yarn barn, which is my local yarn store.  It was SO fun. Seriously. It makes me want to toss all my crocheting and knitting supplies and just spin yarn. What I like about it is the pulling motion and treadling with my feet. To get a feel for the pulling I'm talking about, try pulling apart a cotton ball. Its kind of like that. Easy, but good for the soul.

I have been spinning my own yarn on a drop spindle and hope to make some more soon. I am really interested in taking things in their barest form and turning them into something useful. When I cook, I like to do so from scratch and with home grown ingredients, when possible. With yarn, I want to do the same. My dream is to have a few sheep and an alpaca and get wool for spinning.  I've raised sheep in the past, so that part I know how to do, but the processing of raw wool is something I have been investigating via youtube.  The Yarn Barn also has more advanced classes I can take to learn more about this.

OK. With all of that, I have had sheep on the brain. Lucky for me, I was commissioned to make an adorable sheep for a great little boy. He will go up in the shop soon for your enjoyment!

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PoetessWug said...

He looks like a pretty cute sheep herder! ^_^ And more power to you with the spinning. I admire you for that. I KNOW I don't have the patience for that. I need to 'stay in my lane'! LOL ...Crocheting the yarn!