22 July 2009

Meet Arcturus Alligator!

I decided an alligator would be the best start for a sock puppet and he turned out better than I had hoped! Gracen loves him. He has a stuffed tail and beaded eyes and his two front teeth. I named him Arcturus after Regulus Arcturus Black (my lame Harry Potter reference :)). I call him Art for short.

I'm hoping Art will help my sales pick up this month! Its so hard to do this etsy thing. You really have to stay on top of listing your items and promoting yourself. I am facebooking and twittering and it only helps a bit. I welcome any advice on this matter. I'm unsure of what else I should do

1 comment:

Zu said...

Cute!! I knew you'd think of something. :-)
It is very hard to make things work on etsy. Promoting yourself and listing often is the only ways I know.